Serves/ 3 small size pancakes

VERYGINGERHK Eco Turmeric powder -- 1tsp
All purpose flour --50g
Egg -- 1pc
Water -- 3 tbsp
Cabbage 1/4 small head cabbage
Tomato 1/2pc 
Grated cheddar cheese 40g
Onion 1/4 piece 
Black pepper

VERYGINGER Eco Turmeric powder -- 1 tsp
Yogurt -- 4 tbsp
Honey -- 1 tsp
Fennel leaves (optional)

Golden Cabbage Pancake has a vibrant yellow colour with the signature turmeric aroma. Curcumin is the significant compound found in turmeric. It is well known for its  anti-inflammatory property. So, why not adding it in our diet. (*turmeric is not suitable for pregnant woman)
Golden Cabbage Pancake is easy to make and it's perfect to serve as party food or a simple lunch for yourself. 

1) Thinly slice cabbage, dice tomato and onion
2) Fried onion in low heat until cameralized
3) While frying onion, sieve flour and turmeric to a big bowl, and then add egg and water, mix until thick and smooth
4) Mix cabbage, tomato, fried onion and cheddar cheese with batter. Cabbage to batter ratio would affect the pancake texture. My perfect recipe would be batter covering ingredients as seen in photo. If ingredients are soaked in batter, you may prefer adding more cabbage to balance. 

1) Heat olive oil in a pan in medium low heat
2) If you have spice like cumin at home, let a few in oil to give an extra amora but it is totally optional
3) When the pan is hot enough, scoop the mixture to the pan in medium low heat
4) Cover the lid and cook it for 4 mins until golden brown (check at 2 mins)
5) Turn it over and cook the other side until golden brown with the lid on
6) To give a crispy texture, remove the lid and cook both sides until cripsy

While cooking the pancake, let's prepare the dip
1) Mix half portion of yogurt with 1tsp Eco Turmeric Powder until smooth
2) Add the remaining yogurt, honey and black pepper and mix well

Time to serve

When the pancake is ready, cut each pancake in half, place them nicely on a plate you like, garnish with fresh herbs if you have any. I picked some fennel leaves from my planting pot as garish. Drizzle the golden dressing as last or serve it as a dip. Bon Appetito!

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